How to Carring for Portable milling Machine?

miling-machineCaring tips for Portable milling machine – Engineering Machinery maintenance is necessary, especially portable milling machine also require good care, so that he may always be ready to be operated. In general maintenance on a milling machine usually been given by the manufacturer of the machine, while special care should be sought based on experience and based on theories regarding repairs to equipment or machinery. Continue reading

Understand How Climax Portable Machining Works

climax01Climax Portable machine is a machine that serves to grind the work piece. Originally, it is intended only for the grinding machine the work piece in the form of a hard metal such as iron and stainless steel. Grinding can aim to hone the work piece such as a knife and chisel, or can also aim to form a work piece such as smoothing the result of cutting, smoothing welds, forming an arch on the work piece angle, prepare the surface of the work piece to weld, and others. there is generally a grinding machine used for grinding or cutting metal, but by using a stone or appropriate eye we can also use a grinding machine the work piece such as wood, concrete, ceramic, tile, brick, natural stone, glass, and others. But before using hand grinding machine for work pieces that are not metal, it should also be sure that we use it correctly because the use of a grinding machine for non-metal work pieces generally have a greater risk. Continue reading

The main requirement to be considered in the selection of the Climax FF8200 Flange Facer

climax-flancerIf you want Climax FF8200 Flange Facer, you have to consider physical properties of the material to be grinded. Use aluminum oxide grinding wheel for materials of high tensile strength. As an example of carbon steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, wrought iron, bronze etc. Use silicon carbide grinding wheel for low tensile strength material, such as gray iron, brass, aluminum, copper, granite, rubber, leather and others – others. Use the grinding wheel hard to the soft material and use soft grinding wheel for hard material. When grinding hard materials, granules blunt faster than soft materials, it is necessary to facilitate the soft adhesive granules splitting or leave the grinding wheel with the purpose of eliciting new granules instead. Soft material is less rapid blunting-grained granules. Strong adhesive allows holding granules longer. Continue reading

Tips to chose various Climax LM6000 Milling Machine

climax-milingYou have to deeply understand main material of Climax LM6000 Milling Machine before choosing and using it. In addition to the types of grinding stone above there are also other types such as shaped grinding and cylindrical grinding wheel. The function of the grinding stone is also different in its use, the following functions of several types of grinding wheel: Continue reading